Commercial Roofing Solutions


Whether you are restoring or renewing an existing roof or, waterproofing a new one, you take pride in what you do. That’s not surprising seen as your work is crucial to protecting homes, schools, hospitals, workplaces, and other buildings in a community. Building owners rely on you to protect their asset and in turn, you can count on THERMOTEK PRO for high performance roof coating solutions you can trust.

Designed to provide exceptional durability, reflectivity and resistance to water, THERMOTEK PRO Roof Coating Systems are a roof’s first line of defense against damaging UV rays, water intrusion, pollution and other airborne contaminants. Our coatings form a powerful yet flexible membrane which provides resistance to thermal shock, coating degradation and surface damage for a leak-free roof solution. As they reflect over 85% of the sun’s rays, THERMOTEK PRO Roof Coating Systems also contribute to increasing a building’s energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs.

Compatible with a wide array of substrates, THERMOTEK PRO Roof Coating Systems meet regulatory requirements and carry major certifications recognized in the US roofing market.

THERMOTEK PRO Roof Coating Systems are reliable, easy to apply and cost effective. Whether your next project involves a new roof or re-roofing, THERMOTEK PRO has the professional grade cool roof system for the job.

Thermotek Pro Collage No Kit

Acrylic Roof Coating Systems

THERMOTEK PRO Acrylic Roof Coating Systems utilize 100% acrylic & styrene acrylic resins. Our portfolio includes repair and maintenance products which are designed to extend the life of the roof while improving the building’s energy efficiency. These systems are preferred roof coating solutions thanks to their durability and low cost coupled with their ease of application and clean-up.

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