Acrylic Roof Coating Systems

Acrylic Roof Coating Systems

THERMOTEK PRO Acrylic Roof Coating Systems utilize 100% acrylic & styrene acrylic resins. Our portfolio includes repair and maintenance products which are designed to extend the life of the roof while improving the building’s energy efficiency. These systems are preferred roof coating solutions thanks to their durability and low cost coupled with their ease of application and clean-up. Now available at Home Depot in the Austin area – use our store locator to find near you.

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Thermotek PRO Roofing Kit


The THERMOTEK PRO EASY AS 1-2-3 KIT has all the components required to waterproof and protect a mobile home, RV, small roof or to complete a roof repair. Packaged in a single convenient pail, this 3-step system is easy to apply, giving you confidence to get the job done right. A single THERMOTEK PRO EASY AS 1-2-3 KIT will cover approximately 250 sq. ft.

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